Belly Flop

A conversation at 8 weeks and 1 day.

Me [pointing to my double chin]: Do you see this?

Him: Your gullet?

Me: Just say “yes.”

Him: Yes.

Me: Do you know what it means?

Him: That you’re fat?

Me: Just say “what?”

Him: What?

Me: It means that we’ve been cooing at my fat.

Him: No, there’s something in there.

Me: What’s in there is the size of a grain of rice. The rest is fat.

Him: I thought it was a blueberry.

Me: Either way, it’s not a cantaloupe.

Him: You never said what you wanted to for dinner.

Me: I told you.

Him: They don’t sell Croissan’wiches at night.

Me: Then mac and cheese.

Him: Are you sure?

Me: Shut up.


About TG

My eggs don't work, so I manifested a baby via egg donation. Let's blog and see what happens.
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3 Responses to Belly Flop

  1. Lanie says:

    YES! Mac ‘n Cheese is what it’s all about! And expect more chins. Like triple chins. And don’t worry about ANYTHING because it’s all water weight and very easy to lose after the baby is born. Just enjoy your food, because this is the only time you can really indulge without feeling any guilt! The baby wants …. The baby gets.

    I find pregnancy cravings and aversions fascinating. I’m hungry now. Thanks.


    • TG says:

      Lanie, you’re so sweet. I just looked back at your bump pics, and I was so comforted to see that you had a belly by this time, too. I had been reading all these forum posts that said people didn’t start showing until 12-14 weeks, but maybe smaller women show earlier?

      Anyhow, your little girl is just beautiful. Hope to get to where you are! Hugs, xo


  2. Oh my gosh – All I wanted was horrible 7-11 Cherry Coke Slurpees, horrible horrible bean tacos from Jack n the Box and Stouffers Mac n Cheese. It could not be any other kind. That was all through the first trimester. Second trimester it was anything with peanut sauce on it. Hell I’d drizzle peanut sauce on my ice cream. It was incredibly embarrassing.

    Just listen to your body – embrace your body – accept you are going to get round, probably a back ache, you might even get a hemorrhoid or two.

    This is all good. I promise.


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