About a month ago, I went lingerie shopping and bought myself six new bras. Three are basic black, but two of them are pink, and one has a leopard pattern — the one I love wearing most of all.

For a while there, I was bummed that getting pregnant would mean that my boobs would engorge, and I wouldn’t be able to wear any of them anymore, but judging from the negative home tests I’ve been getting, this isn’t anything I have to worry about.

What a relief.


About TG

My eggs don't work, so I manifested a baby via egg donation. Let's blog and see what happens.
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8 Responses to Bust

  1. augusta says:

    oh that’s really shitty. I’m so sorry.


  2. Kim says:

    Sorry for the negative tests. :( How many dpt are you?


  3. TeeJay says:

    I’m so sorry. That really sucks. I was hoping to read about a positive test (as I know you were hoping to post about one). Enjoy those bras for now, as well as a nice big glass/mug of your favorite adult beverage. (((hugs)))


  4. ivfmale says:

    I’m so sorry about the negative test. {hugs}

    In other news…
    I’ve nominated you for a Leibster Award. Check out my blog if you want to participate. :)


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