Waiting on Pills and Needles

A daily jounal since last week’s transfer:

Tues, June 12 – Transfer Day: First day of bed rest. Sneezed and panicked. After reading that a PVEDer still got pregnant after puking the entire day after transfer, I felt better. Then N got excited that my stomach already looked to have a baby bump. Declined a fourth piece of lasagna.

Weds, June 13: Second day of bed rest. Boredom plus the Internet equaled panic that my 6.3mm uterine lining was going to fail me. Wrote a worried email to my nurse at 9:58pm. By 10:26, I was pissed that she hadn’t yet written me back. At 11:02, I sent myself to bed for having a bad attitude.

Thurs, June 14: Bed rest officially over. My joy at being vertical was offset by my grief that this cycle is going to be a failure. And no, this wasn’t negativity; it was pragmatism. Also, global climate change is going to destroy the world, so whatever.

Fri, June 15: Reread an email from my nurse who stressed that a lining above 6mm is all they need, especially when my other numbers were good. Decided that I could be pregnant after all. Then I took a long walk, which I’m sure caused a miscarriage.

Sat, June 16: My boobs hurt, I have cramps, and I’m exhausted, which obviously means means I’m getting my period. Or that I’m obviously pregnant. Rinse. Repeat.

Sun, June 17: Spent the last 6 months promising myself that I wouldn’t obsessively take home pregnancy tests before my beta on Thursday. Went out this morning and bought 3 home pregnancy tests. My new promise is that I won’t test until Wednesday. No, Tuesday. Or maybe Monday. No, Tuesday. Yes, Tuesday. Or maybe Monday.

Yup. This is going well.


About TG

My eggs don't work, so I manifested a baby via egg donation. Let's blog and see what happens.
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3 Responses to Waiting on Pills and Needles

  1. augusta says:

    i see you are clawing your face off in this 2ww. My rule of thumb is to wait until I start hyperventilating until testing, which by your account should be Tuesday (or Monday if you have a sleepless, anxiety-filled night). Hang in there.


  2. M says:

    I love love love this blog… you are hilarious…..

    I’m an egg donor. I’m getting ready to do egg retrieval tomorrow morning. I’m so happy that it worked out for you. I’m stressing and over analyzing everything. I have two kids under 6. But i want so bad for this to be successful for the intended parents. :-/ ♡

    P.s if this comment posts more than once, I apologize. My Internet is awful


    • TG says:

      Thank you for posting, M. Fingers crossed that your cycle goes as well as possible. It’s not my place to thank you on behalf of the recipients, so instead I’ll just say that our donor has been the reason that my life is as rich as it is today xo


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