Losing Las Vegas

Our second donor fell through.

Turns out she’s a flake. It took her an eternity to fill out the paperwork, but we let it pass because she apologized profusely and convinced us that she was a changed person. Now she’s gone a week without responding to any phone calls, emails, or texts. Sigh.

N says we shouldn’t have trusted a woman from Las Vegas who dresses like a stripper. I suppose he has a point, but it doesn’t make this any easier. I bonded to her. I mean, she asked to see our photo; I thought that was a sign she was committed. It wasn’t.

OK, added to my criteria: someone who looks like she can keep her clothes on.

In the meantime, I’m really, really bummed.


About TG

My eggs don't work, so I manifested a baby via egg donation. Let's blog and see what happens.
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