B is for Baby, Blog, and Banal

Here’s what’s happening: I keep trying to write. Not blog, but write. Entries like the ones I used to post about Frankenstein and my grandmother. But those take an admittedly embarrassing amount of time, and I don’t have that kind of time now, and consequently, I haven’t been posting anything.

So if I want to keep this record of my thoughts going, I have no choice but to stop writing and start blogging. If you were following me because you were interested in what I have to say, that will continue (or resume, I should say). If, however, you were following me because of how I said it, … sorry, but I can’t finish that thought because there’s a baby crying.

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About TG

My eggs don't work, so I've manifested a baby via egg donation. Let's blog and see what happens.
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2 Responses to B is for Baby, Blog, and Banal

  1. TeeJay says:

    Blog away! It’s extremely hard to write while caring for a baby so I say just do whatever you can. We miss you and will be happy to just hear from you. :-)


  2. JMD says:

    I’m so happy you are back!! I have followed from a distance for a long time and love BOTH what you have to say, and how you say it.


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